Grumpy Weather Characters and Moods

Grumpy Weather Characters and Moods

Weather apps are essential tools to have on our phone or tablet, even better when they can entertain you at the same time such as with Grumpy Weather characters. There are a few weather apps to choose from in the various app stores and they are all very useful for forecasting holiday weather and working out whether it will rain or shine on important special events.

Traditional weather apps are useful but dull, that is to say they offer a forecast and you can work out whether your big day will be ruined or not. Grumpy Weather comes with a large selection of special characters that will make checking the weather fun again.

Making weather fun again is all about turning a dull, bland and boring task into something a little bit more entertaining. When we check the weather or research the climate for a particular city we want to see and hear good things. Perhaps we have just booked the holiday of a life time to the Indian Ocean. We want to see a big happy sun but sometimes luck does not look down favorably and the weather frankly just sucks.

What Can we do About Awful Weather?

In honesty not much, perhaps centuries from now, scientists will be able to control the weather but not yet. However when the weather sucks we can at least let our feelings vent as Grumpy Weather comes with a whole host of unique characters and moods to get the message across.

Tired of the rain, snow and wind, or perhaps it is actually way too hot and sticky? When the weather gets mean so can you with the Grumpy Weather mood app. Enjoy fun and unique characters with your weather forecast including the following fun ensemble.

Unique Fun Grumpy Weather Characters

  • Grimmy the Reaper (most popular)
  • The Cat
  • Steve the dinosaur
  • Marvin the Yeti
  • Fred
  • Blob
  • Jack the Bunny
  • Brian the Deadone

Stop using those other dull, boring weather apps and take your anger at the weather out with Grumpy Weather instead.

Pick up Grumpy Weather App Store version for your iOS device and be grumpy with this novel and imaginative way to forecast and check the weather.

Get the Grumpy Weather App for Smartphones and Tablets

Download : Grumpy Weather for Android

Download : Grumpy Weather for iOS

Enjoy our fun weather app and be totally grumpy out there with these special characters and moods that take the pain out of the rain.


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Always grumpy, always got something to whine about, hates the wind and the rain so he published a grumpy weather app that you can download for free right here.

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