Grumpy Weather for Android

Grumpy Weather for Android

Grumpy Weather for Android functions as a cool widget so you can display the weather on your home screen and tell the world how angry it makes you.

Grumpy Weather App Features

Some of the features of Grumpy Weather for Android include:

  • 3 days weather forecast (simply click widget)
  • Minimal
  • Customizable
  • Unique
  • Based on openWeatherMap

You can unlock different icons to make your widget even more unique…oh, yes more grumpy
You can choose from the following characters:

  • Grimmy the Reaper (the most popular!)
  • The Cat
  • Steve the dinosaur
  • Marvin the Yeti
  • Fred
  • Jack the bunny
  • Brian the dead one
  • Blob

Get the Grumpy Weather App

Download : Grumpy Weather for Android

Download : Grumpy Weather for iOS

Enjoy the app and be grumpy out there.

About Grumpmiester

Always grumpy, always got something to whine about, hates the wind and the rain so he published a grumpy weather app that you can download for free right here.

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