Discover the Shocking Force of the Firenado or Fire Tornado

Discover the Shocking Force of the Firenado or Fire Tornado

We have all heard of tornadoes and have witnessed on the news the destruction and havoc that they can bring to lives, property and communities. However the tornado has an angry relative known as the fire tornado or firenado.

The firenado is potentially even more deadly ( and grumpy ) as the hot winds literally pick up the flames from wild fires and build them up into a spiralling pillar of scorching air and flames. These are the deadly firenados and they are a force of nature to be reckoned with.

Discover the Shocking Force of the Firenado or Fire Tornado

These flaming, intense fire whirls are sometimes colloquially called fire tornadoes, but are not literally tornadoes, in that their vorticity derives from fast moving surface winds and the heat which instigates a induced lifting effect.

An actual fire tornado is a rare phenomenon to witness in nature and is an event much more powerful and destructive than the ordinary fire whirl. With a true firenado the vortex is born as a wildfire generates a unique ‘pyrocumulonimbus’ cloud.

Dangerous weather - firenados

It is this dangerous cloud that then generates a tornado, since it is forming in the fire zone it draws the flames in.

In short when the tornado forms in or enters the fire, it fans flames enormously, draws nearby flames and burning debris into itself, and then scatters the same fast burning debris over a wide area causing widespread destruction and often extending the range of the fire considerably.

A fire tornado is generated by the fire’s own effect on local airflow, as with any fire whirl, but indirectly and by a different route.

Hopefully when using the Grumpy Weather app to check the weather, either where you are or where you are heading you won’t encounter any fearsome firenados.

However should you ever encounter one of these fire breathing dragons of nature they tend to look like this.

A Deadly Firenado

See how the fast moving winds whip up the flames from the ground and whisk the hot fire into the air in a fiery spiral of flame and energy.

This is a deadly firenado and they can most commonly be found at the source of vast wild fires and out of control bush fires fuelled by strong winds.

Firenados are Driven by Wind and Fire

The dry, arid terrain in such wildfire prone areas mean that fast burning fires spark up easily. These out of control wildfires if driven by heavy winds can soon generate powerful fire tornados that leave a trail of epic destruction and scorched earth in their flaming wake.

A deadly fire tornado

Such is the power in nature of the remarkable firenado, it is also a source of truly astonishing natural wonder and beauty.

That is if you are not fleeing for self preservation be certain to take a split second to imprint this remarkable one of a kind force of nature. A fiery out of control force that is the deadly firenado.

Firenados scorch the Earth

Checking in on Firenados With Grumpy Weather

While you won’t see any firenados hopefully if you download Grumpy Weather you can use your custom characters in the app to check the climate and temperature. Check in on these dangerous firenado prone hotspots found around the world.

Of course it is simply so much better to check the weather forecast and fiery climate from a good distance. Like faraway from any firenado by the cool pool with an ice cold beer or cocktail keeping you company.

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Enjoy our fun weather app, track those firenado hotspots and be totally grumpy out there.

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