How to Stay in Control During Wild and Crazy Bad Weather

How to Stay in Control During Wild and Crazy Bad Weather

The world is full of crazy, bad weather. Equally there are lots of times that the weather really makes us happy, or alternatively gets on our nerves. With GrumpyWeather the daily forecast need never get you down. Sure sometimes we need the sun to shine or the wind to die down. We need the weather to cooperate.

The weather is responsible for happy times in life just as it can place a downer on everything that you might have planned. Lets face it the weather has a lot to answer for. Some of the things bad weather can ruin include

  • Wedding Days
  • Holidays and vacations
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Barbecues
  • Flower shows
  • Sports events

So the weather has a lot to answer for when it comes to a big day or event. Well we can’t say we have the total solution. I mean a machine to change the weather to whatever you need would be cool right? Sun when you need it for the beach. Rain to water the dry garden grass during a long hot summer. If only changing the weather could be so easy? Well although we can’t change the weather as such, we can make you feel better about it.

How to Stay in Control During Wild and Crazy Weather

If you are tired if seeing weather like this, then we have a little something to take the rain pain away for good.

The world is full of Wild Weather

The world is full of crazy weather such as this highly dangerous approaching storm, enough to make anyone mad and run for the hills.

Birds in the Rain

Even the birds hate heavy rain. This little fella is having a very bad day trying to avoid the driving rain on his feathers.

Buried in snow - bad weather

There nothing fun about being buried in snow either. Heavy snowfall like this is enough to drive anyone up the wall.

Cruise Ship in a Storm

When you booked the cruise holiday of a lifetime you probably didn’t have this kind of trip in mind either.

Sunny day weather

We all feel happy when the sun shines. When the sun is high in the sky and the weather forecast is good then everyone is surely happy to start their day.

How the Weather Affects Our Daily Mood

It is true the weather effects our mood, state of mind and general feeling of contentment. Lousy weather on days that matter make us mad. While sunny, warm days with a gentle breeze do the opposite.

While we can’t properly control how the daily weather behaves, we can forecast it with some degree of accuracy. The Grumpy Weather app is a fun mood based light entertainment application for popular smartphones. The app runs on iOS and Android as well as most tablet devices.

Why Grumpy Weather lets You Strike Back at Bad Weather

Using the app it is possible to make the weather fun again. That is use text based emotions and unique characters to express feelings that the weather outside invokes. If the weather spoils your day you can curse it with a grump character. If on the other hand you are feeling good about the weather then tell the app how you feel.

With so many dull, bland weather apps out there, we thought it was time to make weather forecasting fun again. At the very least, the next time the rain spoils your big day, or the wind ruins your new hairstyle you have a way to get mad and even. The app is free also, with some optional character upgrades at small cost. So whining about the weather is something we can at last get our teeth into!

Get the Grumpy Weather App

Download : Grumpy Weather for Android

Download : Grumpy Weather for iOS

Enjoy our fun weather app and be totally grumpy out there.

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